ManTrap Maneuvers...

And for extra credit, whilst wearing
ManTrap Perfume use our amazingly effective flirt tips, too...

FLIRT TIP 1: Toss Men a Crumb

This technique will quickly transform you into the ManTrap you were always intended to be! The next time that a handsome man crosses your path, simply compliment something he's wearing or doing.

Casting a small crumb of approval will have an amazing "open sesame" effect on any man. He will happily chirp away with any girl smart enough to notice his fine feathers... or his waterproof sports watch!

MAN FACT: Men love to be admired. So simply use this male character trait to your romantic advantage! Here's why...

Men are externally referenced (they cuddle up with magazines about breasts, cars, & guns). Conversing with them about any gizmo or gadget is always the best way to draw them out.

WARNING: Never compliment a man on his physique (that's how males like to flirt with you)! It'll only serve to embarrass him, or confuse him about what your romantic intentions are. Unless he's 22. Then go right ahead and spell it out for him!

TRUE STORY: I once tossed, "Nice tie!" over my shoulder to a gorgeous man whilst walking down the red carpet of a film premier. He grinned, and removed the article in one smooth move and handed it to me, to the delight of his little entourage.

(I used it to tie him to my bedpost one rainy evening ...but I'll tell you that story later.)

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It does the flirting
for you!

WARNING:Irresistible to lovebirds! Prepare to get flocked.

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Wanna Be a ManTrap?

ManTrap: (n.)
A woman skilled at luring lovebirds.

It's easy! Just dab this super man- friendly vanilla scent on your wrists - or decolletage - and watch what happens...

1/3 oz. Roll on Perfume Oil
**Please allow 3 weeks for delivery

By Lauren Frances


Romantic Field Reports

"It works!"

- Alanis Morrisette

"I'm literally addicted. I took a wrench and broke the bottle to get out the last drop. When can I get another sample?!"

- Monah Li, Designer for Bebe

"It boggles males from 14 to 49. My husband AND my 14 year old son both love it, and won't leave me alone! I had to stop wearing it at home."

- Annabelle Gurwich, Actress & Author

"It drove my boyfriend totally crazy last night! He made me wear it again this morning...I want another bottle!"

- Andy Lecompte, Hairstylist Extraordinaire

ManTrap Example

"I can never decide which of you boys is the handsomest... I was up all night trying to figure it out!"

-Scarlett O'Hara

Romantic Report from Twelve Oaks, April 1861


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